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Basic introduction of lawn tiles

2020-01-20 09:35

This product uses German advanced technology. All products are made of 100% high-density polyethylene recycled plastic, so it can be recycled. The product is sturdy, lightweight and easy to install. Its excellent quality and simple design have created the perfect environmentally friendly green products. It is a new bright spot in garden landscape products. Its greening rate has reached 95%, bringing more fresh air and visual effects to the city. The load per square meter can reach 200 tons, which fully meets the requirements of parking and walking. It is the perfect substitute for cement planting bricks. The grass planting grid turns the grass planting area into a load-bearing surface, suitable for parking lots, sidewalks, access routes, fire access routes, golf courses, roof gardens and slopes, and slope protection. It is especially suitable for parking lots and vehicle access routes in various residential quarters, office buildings, development zones, and temporary parking lots around sports fields, camping sites, and lawns. Due to the above advantages of lawn bricks, they are widely used in urban road reconstruction, park construction, community greening, etc. It is also a hot industry for many investors.


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