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Advantages of lawn tiles

2020-01-20 09:34

The turf roots in the turf bricks must be tied to the soil, which is conducive to the concrete slabs not remaining on the foundation. Doing exercises, punching, playing, or setting up tables and chairs on the lawn bricks where people rest, enjoy tea and fun. Walking on the green lawn brick sidewalk is like walking on the green brocade forging, which is refreshing.

Lawn bricks are good materials for paving the grounds of urban amusement parks, units, communities, and parking lots. It is widely used in the paving of small amusement parks and small parking lots in cities and many units. It has the following characteristics.

Advantage 1: Beautify the environment: lawn tiles can be pre-made into various specifications and colors according to the needs, inlaid with various patterns, assembled into different patterns, which is more beautiful than the cement clear surface. Moreover, it can reduce the glare caused by ground reflection, reduce the reflection of ground radiation, and reduce the heat transfer of the ground layer.

Advantage 2: Improve the ecological environment: The gap between the lawn bricks has better water permeability and air permeability, which is conducive to the permeability of water above and below the ground. Planting lawns and other vegetation in the air can better preserve the surface humidity, increase air humidity, and reduce dust. Flying, purifying the air, improving the urban ecological environment, has a strong natural atmosphere.

Advantage 3: It is beneficial to the growth of flowers and trees: The permeability and permeability of lawn bricks are conducive to the infiltration of rainwater, and promote the growth and development of trees, flowers, turf roots and leaves and fruit stems, which will not affect the growth of stuffy roots.

Advantage 4: easy to rectify: lawn bricks are easy to remove and easy to pave, which is convenient for the rectification and repair of underground pipelines and parking lots, saving manpower, material and financial resources.


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