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Environmental protection brick

2020-01-20 09:35

Manufactured from fly ash, coal slag, coal gangue, tailings slag, chemical slag or natural sand, mudflat, industrial waste, waste incinerator slag, etc. (one or more of the above raw materials) without high temperature calcination. A new type of wall material is called environmental protection brick. This product complies with China's general guidelines for the development of building materials, "protecting farmland, saving energy, adapting to local conditions, and taking local materials", and has been in line with the State Council's "Opinions on Strictly Restricting the Destruction of Fields and Burning Bricks and Actively Promoting Wall Reform", and is in line with the State Administration of Taxation of the Ministry of Finance The document Caishuizi (1996) No. 20 “Notice on Continuing the Implementation of Preferential Value-added Tax Policies for Some Comprehensive Resources Utilization Products” was issued. This product is a building material product that is exempt from VAT. Because this kind of material has high strength, good durability, standard size, complete shape, uniform color and luster, it has a simple and natural appearance. It can be used as a water wall or any exterior decoration. Therefore, it is a very promising replacement product that replaces clay bricks.


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