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  Epoch construction Group was founded in 2006. With more than ten years of hard work, Epoch Group has developed into a large-scale private stock company in western Liaoning Province. It has formed a comprehensive group with construction construction, construction project installation, steel component processing and manufacturing, cement product production, engineering design, product research and development, and experimental testing as the lead.

  Epoch  Construction Group's various  business are including: various large and medium-sized multi-storey and single-storey functional buildings, multi-functional multi-storey office buildings, stadiums, airport terminals, and large landmark buildings, such as: Jinzhou Airport International Building, Jinzhou Expo Park, Xingcheng World Water Park, Dalian Far East Industrial Park Phase II, Tianjin Wuqing Motor Spare Parts Production Base, Huludao Huayue Ship Yard, China Railway Shanghai Engineering Bureau Shaling Office Building ect,Bohai Ship Group New Assembly Production Line Pile Foundation Project.

  With the continuous expansion of its business, Epoch Construction Group's business strategy inProduction and manufacture of steel components, pre-cast, project construction, project management and other businesses has gradually shifted from focusing on western Liaoning Province to Northeast China and Northern part of  China. Currently, its projects spread over cities such as Shenyang, Changchun, Tianjin, Beijing, Harbin,Dalian, Jinzhou, Xingcheng, Hulu Dao, Singapore, etc. We have set up branches in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and other countries to engage in international construction market and utilize our expertise in the international competition.

  The capability of independent innovation is the key to its success. Epoch Construction Group set up technical research and innovation platforms such as enterprise technology centre and experimental laboratories. It also cooperates with universities in construction such as Shenyang Jianzhu (Construction) University and Bohai University to improve the technological innovation capability and the transformation of scientific research results into construction business. Among them, Group’s building components “pre-casted high-strength and corrosion-resistant large-scale piles” have been used in many important national and provincial, civil and military projects. The level of this technology is leading at the national level. It has obtained many awards related to construction innovation from Jinzhou City and Liaoning Province .

  In order to accelerate the development of the company, Group always adheres to the management philosophy of integrity, quality and innovation.Integrity is the foundation; Quality is our lifeblood; and Innovation is the driving force of our Group. Epoch Construction Group competitiveness has been strengthened through the continuous adjustment of its investment, business composition, management and products structure to reflect the changing political, economic and business environment.  With the advanced production technology, scientific management structure, and stead development, we have achieved remarkable success in the past decade and at the same time to serve back to the society.

  Epoch Construction Group is committed to adopt, retain and motivate talented employees with global vision. An integrated personnel management system has been implemented and improved, and a professional work force has been established. At present, Epoch Construction Group has built a team of registered first grade geotechnical engineers, structural engineers, municipal construction engineers, construction engineers, architects, professor-level researchers, senior engineers and other professionals, from product design, research and development, production, construction to project management. Such a comprehensive team is our base for Epoch Group long-term stable development.

  Epoch Construction Group adheres to the business philosophy of advocating new technology, quality service, trustworthy, and innovation with perfection and sincerity. It has constantly adopted new technologies, developed new products, business, and services. With hardworking, mutual benefits, and integrity, Epoch Group is determined to strive for of becoming a leading regional and international well known first class construction company.

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