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Update of light steel structure design concept

2020-01-20 09:34

The first is prioritization. Before the reform and opening up, due to the limitation of steel output, under the guidance of the basic national policy of steel conservation in China, building steel structures were only used in heavy industrial plants, large-span public buildings, and tower mast structures. After the reform and opening up, with the substantial increase in steel output, the state's policy has changed to rational and active use of steel. However, due to various reasons, steel structures are still concentrated in high-rise, long-span public buildings and industrial buildings, and civil buildings are rarely used. This has led to the idea that designers have always formed that steel structures are high construction cost, complicated design and construction of building structure system, except for important large projects, ordinary buildings rarely use steel structures. Coupled with the incomplete understanding of the designer, and doubts about the fire resistance, corrosion resistance and rigidity of the steel structure, the design of the steel structure will not be thought of in the first place, which formed a vicious circle of ideas and practice.

Second, integration. At present, the common practice in China's design community is to consider structural, construction, and cost issues after establishing a building plan. Use steel structure as a technical means to achieve new, strange and special architectural shapes, instead of using the excellent performance of steel structure itself. Steel structure buildings have their own characteristics. The structural system, components and nodes largely restrict and determine the shape and space of the building. Whether the structural system and construction technology are efficient and reasonable also relates to the cost of construction, maintenance and demolition Cost, such as the cost of a building's entire life. Therefore, the architectural modeling and structural design of the steel structure building should start from the whole and realize the integrated design. Architectural shapes are rich in strong mechanical principles, and some shapes themselves determine the pros and cons of wind and seismic performance. Large earthquakes at home and abroad have shown that particularly irregular buildings have been severely damaged. Therefore, in the preliminary design stage, scientific and rational integrated design should be adopted to eliminate those inherently inadequate building shapes, so as to avoid subsequent passive structural innovation to make up for these inherent deficiencies, resulting in a huge waste of funds and resources. Integrated design requires the full cooperation of architects, structural engineers and technical personnel in other related disciplines to achieve the perfect combination of architectural art and structural technology.

The third is optimization. At present, the architects and structural engineers of domestic design institutes are more familiar with reinforced concrete structures. Relatively, they are not very familiar with the design of steel structures, especially in the choice of steel structure system, node structure processing and component optimization. The choice of the structure system is the key to influence the structure performance and structure cost. The nodes of the steel structure are very important in the entire structure, and the amount of steel used in the nodes also accounts for a large proportion of the steel used in the structure. If the joint structure is handled well, it will improve the structural performance and reduce the structural cost. For the problem of component optimization, the design institute almost does not do this work, and the designer does not consider this problem. Incentives should be used to motivate designers.


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