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Developing smart three-dimensional parking lots in cities to solve parking difficulties

2019-12-12 11:38

Survey on the status quo of developing smart three-dimensional parking lots in urban areas to solve parking difficulties: In urban areas of our city, especially in places where people and traffic gather, such as downtown areas, bustling commercial areas, important public places, residential areas, etc. The phenomenon of "parking congestion" with road sections, various contradictions and disputes arising from parking problems often occur, which affects the harmonious development of the city and is not conducive to social security and stability. A series of problems caused by the difficulty of parking not only bring difficulties to citizens' work, life and travel, but also affect the image of the city to a certain extent.


Yang Lishun, member of the CPPCC, suggested that the development of the city's smart three-dimensional parking garage industry is an inevitable trend and an effective way to solve the "difficult parking." Our city should upgrade the three-dimensional ground parking garages to increase the number of construction projects ... schedule. At the same time, the city should also use the underground space in the community, introduce mechanical parking facilities, combine ecological greening with the city, set up ecological parking lots according to local conditions, and develop the existing ground parking lot of the enterprise unit into a three-dimensional development. The market is open to the public and fees are appropriate. In addition, the city should also use the original parking space of various large buildings, sort out the interior space of the building, introduce mechanical three-dimensional parking facilities, increase the number of parking berths, and actively attract investment and actively connect with related companies of the three-dimensional garage project.


He also suggested that the city's urban planning department should take the construction of three-dimensional garages as an important part of the overall urban planning and the special planning for urban public transportation, implement scientific planning, and achieve orderly development. The planning department should introduce stronger supporting policies, actively introduce social capital, give policy support, clarify the land ownership, planning management, and property registration of the three-dimensional parking garage, and at the same time give the construction party policy, funding, and tax support to allow a large number of three-dimensional The parking garage should land as soon as possible.


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