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This year, Shijingshan District will add 10,000 parking spaces and build 6 stereo garages

2019-12-12 11:38

This morning, a person in charge of the Shijingshan District Transportation Committee during a visit to the Beijing Traffic Radio's "Treatment of Traffic Jam" program revealed that this year, Shijingshan District will add 10,000 parking spaces, build at least 6 three-dimensional parking facilities, and add locations for new parking spaces. Will choose the most prominent parking contradictions, such as the old city, the old community such as star anise. The closely-watched Apple Orchard Transportation Hub will also be completed by the end of 2019.

Apple Orchard Transportation Hub

Future "three-line" transfers

At present, the Apple Orchard Transportation Hub has begun construction and will be completed by the end of 2019. It is planned to be the largest comprehensive transportation hub in West Beijing. It integrates almost all transportation services such as rail, bus, express bus, taxi, walking, bicycle, and car. Way in one. In the future, starting from Wuluju Station of Metro Line 6, you can go to the ground and transfer to the medium- and low-speed maglev S1 line that is expected to open this year. You can also transfer to subway line 1 underground, and you can go to the third floor of the south and transfer. BRT4 BRT.

In the future, if you enter the urban area from Mentougou, you can take line S1 and take 8 stations for about 10 minutes to the apple orchard. After arriving at the Apple Orchard, you can take the BRT4 or taxi to the south, and to the north you can transfer to the regular bus or subway lines 1 and 6.

Pilot of Lugu Road this year

Electronic parking toll on Kushiro

年底 At the end of last year, 344 parking spaces on Lugu Road and West Lugu Street took the lead in implementing roadside electronic tolling trials. Among them, 129 parking spaces were equipped with geomagnetism and 215 parking spaces were equipped with video piles. Since its implementation, the biggest problem is that car owners need to break the traditional concept and give up the habit of "bargaining." This year, Lugu Road will continue to expand the scope of the trial, installing all the remaining 282 parking spaces with electronic toll collection equipment.

Oubei Xin'an Peng Reform District

Transformation of 5 urban trunk roads

This year's Shijingshan District will mainly solve some blocking points, including those in the Jin'an Bridge and the cement plant area. For the blocking points of the West Fifth Ring Road and the Octagon Bridge, a right-turn road will be set up south to the east of Jinyuan Road this year.

35 road constructions will be carried out in Shijingshan District this year, 18 of which will continue from the previous ones.

The North Xinan Shanty Town Reconstruction Project in Shijingshan District is the largest shanty town reconstruction project in Beijing. It starts from Fushi Road in the north, Shijingshan Road in the south, and Xinan Road in the north. Compound courtyard. This year, the transportation environment in this area will be transformed, including five urban trunk roads, including Fushi Road, Shijingshan Road, and North Xin'an Road; and six urban secondary roads, including Gucheng West Road.

Has planned more than 200

推荐 Recommended parking spots for bike sharing

The Shijingshan Mountain Transport Department will work with companies to increase the standardization of bicycle management. More than 200 non-compulsory recommended parking spots have been planned in the area and will be standardized in the future. The reporter also learned that currently only Mobike has signed a strategic sharing agreement with Shijingshan District. Recommended parking spots Although the logos of Shijingshan and Mobike are printed in the white frame, this location is shared and all bicycles can be parked.

At the same time, Shijingshan District will also build 7 bicycle sheds at the corner of the subway station along the Chang'an Street, and reserve 30 to 50 shared bicycle parking spaces. It will be opened to the public free of charge in the future through bidding and government purchase.

However, Shijingshan District will control the total number of shared bicycles and will not develop disorderly. If the number of Mobike bicycles in the area reaches 30,000, the government's consent is required for subsequent releases.


Reporter Meng Huan


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