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Application of square pile machine in cutting of precast reinforced concrete square pile

In recent years, prefabricated reinforced concrete square piles have the advantages of convenient production and processing, fast sinking speed, and safe and reliable connection of piles. They are especially suitable for soft soil foundations mainly based on friction and supplemented by end bearing capacity.

Developing smart three-dimensional parking lots in cities to solve parking difficulties

parking garages to increase the number of construction projects ... schedule. At the same time, the city should also use the underground space in the community, introduce mechanical parking facilities, combine ecological greening with the city, set up ecological parking lots according to local conditions, and develop the existing ground parking lot of the enterprise unit into a three-dimensional development.

This year, Shijingshan District will add 10,000 parking spaces and build 6 stereo garages

This morning, a person in charge of the Shijingshan District Transportation Committee during a visit to the Beijing Traffic Radio's "Treatment of Traffic Jam" program revealed that this year, Shijingshan District will add 10,000 parking spaces, build at least 6 three-dimensional parking facilities, and add locations for new parking spaces.
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