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Building daily maintenance and maintenance of steel structure workshop

2020-01-20 09:33

1. After the installation of our steel structure workshop, for the owner, it is not allowed to change its structure without permission, it is not allowed to disassemble any bolts and other components, and it is not possible to increase or decrease the partition wall. If it is necessary to change any part, it must be negotiated with the manufacturer It's up to the manufacturer to determine if it can be changed. After about 3 years of use, the steel structure must be maintained with paint to give the building aesthetics and safety. Steel structure workshops are connected by steel structural components, so when using electrical equipment, such as electrical wiring, wire ducts and conduits should be used to avoid electric shock.

2. Steel structure workshops must be cleaned and maintained regularly. Under normal circumstances, inspection and maintenance are required once a year. When cleaning the external walls of steel structure workshops, care must be taken not to cause chaos. Do not use abrasive cleaning products such as steel balls and brushes. Rinse them from top to bottom when using clean water. Branches, leaves and similar objects on steel structure workshops should be removed in time to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by the backlog. If there is damage to the metal plate surface of the steel structure workshop, it should be repaired in time to prevent the metal plate surface from being exposed to sunlight and rain. If necessary, all high-elastic nano-materials are applied to protect metal roofing panels, and play an effective role of heat insulation and waterproofing, saving indoor air-conditioning energy.

The maintenance and maintenance of the Yansteel structure workshop has a great relationship with the service life of the steel structure. Therefore, the industry mainly pays enough attention to it. If you encounter any problems during maintenance, please contact the professional steel structure manufacturer for help.


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