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Leader's speech

Leader's speech

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  With the advent of 21st century, we are faced with an unprecedented era of reform. The world is a market; the enterprise cannot survive only by obtaining strengths in the fierce competition.

  In order to accelerate the enterprise development, Liaoning Xintian Yuye Construction Group consistently adheres to the business and management concept of “credit, down-to-earth manner, innovation, surpassing”. Innovation is the enterprise dynamic, quality is the lifeline and credit is the foundation. The enterprise development aims to further deepen the adjustment to industrial structure and product structure and make the group larger and stronger. The enterprise plans to make use of huge production scale, advanced production technologies, scientific management structure, down-to-earth and ethical manner and serve for the society in a better manner.

  The future of an enterprise depends on correct sight, advanced business methods and innovation or surpassing of client’s maximum expectations. In order to adapt to the volatile market business model, our company has made great investment and continuous and unremitting efforts. It is possessed of extra-ordinary achievements and high-standard modernized workshop; it has established scientific and perfect management system and built up high-quality and professional talents team.

  Tomorrow, Liaoning Xintian Yuye Construction Group will show a new profile, adopt world first-class enterprise as the objective and strive to “create wealth, bring welfare to the society”. Ultimately, we sincerely welcome friends and colleagues of various circles to join us and pursue common development.

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