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Liaoning Xintian Yuye Cement Products Co., Ltd.

Liaoning Xintian Yuye Cement Products Co., Ltd.


  Founded in January 2014, Liaoning Xintian Yuye Cement Products Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of RMB 20,000,000 Yuan; the workshop is located in Minjiang Street, Xihai Industrial Park, Jinzhou Economic and Technological Development Area and occupies a total land area of 100 mu. The workshop started construction since the beginning of 2013; currently, it has completed the pre-casting pile workshop and affiliated buildings with a total building area of 20,000 m2; the main products include the pre-casting full pre-stress concrete solid square columns; it can realize an annual designed production capacity of 25,000 m3.

  Currently, the company is possessed of 140 employees, including 10 business and management employees. It has established a product research, development and project management team of more than ten persons, including Level I certified rock and soil engineer, Level I certified structural engineer, professor level senior engineer and Level I certified architect; it has built up its own laboratory.

  The production equipment mainly include one 120 concrete batching plant and one 60 batching plant; sixty-four (64) full pre-stress concrete solid square column production lines; supporting and complete continuous rebar pulling equipment, continuous winding equipment of spiral stirrup, rebar straightening equipment, rebar bending and cutting equipment, mesh welding equipment, main rebar laying equipment, tensioning equipment and concrete transportation and grouting equipment; at the same time, it is possessed of numerous fittings transfer forklifts and products transfer trailers.

  The construction equipment mainly include four 180 step-caterpillar diesel pile drivers, one 120 step-caterpillar diesel pile drive, eight sets of guide rod diesel pile driving hammers (6.3t—16t), three caterpillar cranes (50t, 100t), three forklifts and five trailers.

  Currently, the pre-casting full pre-stress concrete square pile enjoys a coverage section area of 350*350-900*900; it can undertake the pile foundation project, such as static pressure sinking pile and driving type sinking pile; besides, single pre-stress square pile is 20—35m in length; pile connection is not needed if it is shorter than 22m (transportation limitation is considered); the large-section pile enjoys a characteristic vertical bearing capacity of 5000KN-10000KN.

  The company self-researched and developed pre-index hole driving type pile sinking process has applied for national invention patent; we integrate with self-researched and developed high strength concrete pre-stress solid square pile and successfully settle the construction difficulty of pile foundation at thick and dense stone sea filling layer and create the construction method of diving hole hammer, hole index and pile sinking.

  Since the founding of company, it has obtained the caring and support of governmental leaders at various levels and won the concern and recognition of various circles. The company strictly adheres to the business concept of “user utmost, credit first”, makes sustainable technological innovation and continuous and unremitting efforts, strives to build up No. 1 brand of Liaoxi pile foundation project and is willing to join hands with the clients and build up a bright future.

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