Liaoning Xintian Yuye Cement Products Co., Ltd.

Liaoning Xintianyuye Cement Products Co., Ltd. was established in January 2014 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. The factory is located in Minjiang Street, Xihai Industrial Park, Jinzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering an area of 100 acres. The factory construction began in early 2013. The prefabricated pile factory and its ancillary construction area have been 20000 square meters. The main product is prefabricated fully prestressed concrete solid square piles, with an annual design production capacity of 25000 cubic meters.

The company has 140 employees, including 10 management personnel. It has a product research and development and engineering management team of more than ten people, including first-class registered geotechnical engineers, first-class registered structural engineers, professor-level senior engineers, and first-class registered builders. The company has its own independent laboratory.

The main production equipment includes: 1 120 concrete mixing station, 1 60 mixing station, 64 full prestressed concrete solid square pile production lines, complete steel bar continuous drawing equipment, spiral stirrup continuous winding equipment, steel bar straightening equipment, steel bar bending and cutting equipment, mesh welding equipment, main steel bar laying equipment, tensioning equipment, concrete pouring equipment, etc. At the same time, it has a number of spare parts transfer forklifts and product transfer flatcars.

Main construction equipment: 4 180-type full-step diesel pile drivers, 1 120-step diesel pile driver, 8 guide rod diesel pile hammers (6.3 t-16t), 3 crawler cranes (50t,100 t), 3 forklifts and 5 flatbed trucks.
At present, the precast fully prestressed concrete square pile products produced by our company cover various specifications with cross sections of 350*350-900*900, which can undertake pile foundation construction projects of static pressure pile sinking and driven pile sinking. moreover, the length of a single section of prestressed square pile can reach 20-35 meters, no pile connection is required below 22 meters (considering transportation restrictions), and the vertical bearing capacity characteristic value of a large section single pile can reach 5000KN-10000KN.

The pre-lead hole driven pile sinking process independently developed by our company has applied for a national invention patent. Combined with the high-strength concrete pre-stressed solid square pile independently developed by our company, we have successfully solved the construction problem of thick and dense stone reclamation pile foundation and created a construction method of down-the-hole hammer driven hole pile sinking.
Since its establishment, the company has received the care and support of government leaders at all levels, and has received attention and praise from the industry. The company will adhere to the business philosophy of "customer first, reputation first", adhere to technological innovation, work hard and forge ahead, and strive to build the first pile foundation project in western Liaoning. Brand, willing to go hand in hand with our customers to create brilliance.