Liaoning New Tianyu Industry Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Liaoning Xintian Yuye Construction Group Co., Ltd. was established on June 21, 2012 with a registered capital of 137 million yuan. It is registered at No. 7, Section 6, Bohai Street, Jinzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. The factory is located at No. 6, Minjiang Street, Xihai Industrial Park, Jinzhou. It covers an area of 171300 square meters and has 125 employees, including 20 engineering and technical personnel, with 159 sets (sets) of various large and medium-sized machinery and medium-sized machinery and equipment, liaoning Xintian Yuye Cement Products Co., Ltd., Liaoning Xintian Yuye Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd., Jinzhou Xintian Yuye Trade Co., Ltd. jointly established Liaoning Xintian Yuye Construction Group, the company has a sound organization. The business scope includes steel structure production and installation, color board production and installation, insulation materials and rock wool production and installation, house leasing, site leasing, concrete components and metal products production and sales; mechanical parking equipment design, development, production, installation and maintenance; Parking lot design, construction and management; general contracting of housing construction projects; professional contracting of foundation and foundation projects; municipal public works, etc, it is now a secondary enterprise of steel structure engineering professional contracting. It has large and medium-sized series of supporting steel structure machinery, processing and transportation equipment, large steel structure production lines, and hoisting and transportation equipment, which constitutes a relatively complete integrated system of production, processing and installation. Adapt to the needs of the current market economy.

From September 2012 to September 2014, our company invested in the construction of a steel structure product project with an annual output of 40000 tons (Phase I), with a total investment of 95 million yuan. After the implementation of the project, the company introduced diversified design software such as STRAP and MTS, and united domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers to tailor a set of fully CNC horizontal production line compatible with computer integrated systems. The automation level and production efficiency of the production line are at the leading domestic level. To become the largest production and R & D base of steel structure and its supporting products, the production and R & D base of precast concrete parts, and the logistics distribution center of related products in western Liaoning, to solve the regional production and supply problems of large steel structure parts and fully prestressed concrete components in western Liaoning, to promote the industrial development and construction industry development in western Liaoning, to reduce transportation costs, to solve transportation problems, and to have high economic benefits, the unification of social and economic benefits has been achieved.

With the strong development of China's economy, there are more and more high-rise buildings with large space, and the application of steel structure is more and more extensive. Its characteristics are: high degree of industrialization and commercialization, fast construction speed, energy saving and land saving, good seismic effect. And from the steel production and steel structure consumption in recent years, the steel structure market still has considerable room for development. At the same time, our company will also follow the market-oriented, quality of survival, reputation and development, reform and vitality, management and efficiency of the business policy, and actively explore the construction market to achieve sustainable development of enterprises. Implement the business development strategy of "people-oriented, quality first, science and technology", closely rely on the huge market of capital construction inside and outside the province, make every effort to stabilize the market in the province, actively expand the market outside the province, and gradually expand the market share. Dedicated to provide satisfactory construction projects for construction units inside and outside the province, with the joint efforts of all employees of the company, we will certainly win a broad construction market.